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Tenant Placement Services

At Bartels Property Management, we strive to secure desirable
tenants for our clients, by providing the following services:

1) List the Property on our FREE weekly rental list
2) Placing our highly recognizable “For Rent” signs on the
property (if desired)
3) Advertise your property through a rental network, local
newspapers, & internet
4) All properties are personally shown by appointment with our
Leasing Agent
5) Provide all necessary legal disclosures from the lessor

Screening Process

With over thirty years of experience in real estate management,
Bartels Property Management is very aware of the financial and
emotional cost associated with evictions.  In order to minimize the
possible occurrence of such extreme measures, each applicant
undergoes a screening process.  This process includes:

1)        Verifying the identity of the applicant(s) by obtaining
copies of their photo identification
2)        Verifying employment and identifying all sources of
income by securing copies of paycheck stubs, W-2 forms, and if
self employed, income tax returns and financial statements.
3)        Obtaining a credit report and eviction screening.
4)        Interviewing the applicants current and previous landlord
(if available) for a reference.

After all applications have been obtained from all prospective
tenants, we will contact you and discuss the prospect(s) in detail
and you may actively participate in the choice of a tenant.  We
will also arrange a meeting of an applicant prior to a final
decision if the owner desires.  If you have retained us to identify
and place a tenant ONLY, as contrasted to “full service”
management of your property, we will complete the process
begun above by doing the following:

5)        A copy of all documents, including the lease or rental
agreement, credit report, copies of identification, smoke detector
addendum, lead based paint disclosure, utility transfer
acknowledgement, house rules, paycheck stubs and all other
supporting documents are forwarded to the owner.  
6)        An accounting statement, reflecting the cost of the tenant
placement and any cost of improvements, authorized by the
owner and subcontracted for by the Agent, and the balance of
the money collected from the new tenant, are also sent to the